We are aware of an article regarding SEEN published by VICE News on 13th June 2023.  Whilst the article states that SEEN did not respond to multiple requests for comment, that is not the case, and it is regretful that the article is not factually accurate.

We offer non-judgemental, unbiased support to our clients in a manner that is sensitive and appropriate to the client’s culture and beliefs. This is central to our values and we train our listeners and educators to reflect this ethos and approach.

SEEN is not a campaigning organisation and has no hidden agenda. We seek only to provide support and information to those that seek it. We strive to be transparent and accountable in all our activities and take any criticism seriously.

Over the past 24 years we have supported 3,000 clients, taught over 13,000 young people, and we hope to continue providing support wherever there is demand for our services.

We are grateful for our staff team, volunteers, funders and supporters for their valuable support in all that we do.

For further information, please contact Fay Hamilton, Director, SEEN on 020 8892 8483 or email fay.hamilton@seen.charity