Crossway Crisis Centre is committed to offering a confidential service to clients. Confidentiality is not between the individual and the counsellor but between the individual and the organisation. Any discussion (within the organisation) of the client will be purposeful, sensitive and respectful.

No information about a client will be given to a third party, even if the party is a member of the client’s family. Information will only be passed onto another agency with the full and informed consent of the client. The client has the right to withhold consent.

Clients under 16 are not required to have parental consent to use our services but our counsellors will encourage younger clients to discuss the issue with their parent / guardian / carer where it is safe to do so.

Crossway Crisis Centre will break confidentiality if:

  • There is cause to suspect that a child under 18 is at risk of suffering harm, or
  • The client has threatened to do serious harm to themselves or others, or
  • The client gives information which indicates a possible terrorist attack