Anna came to us struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thought after two miscarriages. She worked in a nursery and was finding it difficult to be around young children, pregnant mothers, and close friends who had recently had babies.

Previously she was happy having recently married, loved her job, was an energetic and organised person, who had never been depressed or anxious. Afterwards she stopped eating healthily, found it difficult to communicate with her husband, struggled to get up for work, and lost her motivation to do anything. She felt she was to blame for the miscarriages which led to feelings of guilt and shame.

Anna was one of our first clients to be supported via Zoom. By the end of the course she was no longer depressed, anxious or experiencing suicidal thoughts. She was enjoying her work again, looking after herself and had started a language course. She had been able to use some of the tools that she had learnt about on the course to express her feelings to a friend, who had upset her and resolve the situation. She also used what she had learned to help some of the children at the nursery express their feelings in a healthy way.